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Letter to the Editor: Sexclamations is Right to Promote Female Masturbation, a Topic not Often Broached

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Dear Editor,

Major kudos to the new Sexclamations writer. Her article on women and masturbation made my day. This is a subject that is not talked about nearly enough. I, too, have had the experience of feeling awkward or out-of-place when masturbation gets mentioned. A lot of the time, everyone lies and says they don’t do it.

Masturbation, particularly if done by anyone of the female gender, seems to be one of those touchy subjects no one is comfortable talking about positively. This is because, if you talk about it, you must do it. And if you do it, you must be “gross” or some sort of sex fiend.

I also see a double standard in place when masturbation is usually discussed. The topic of men masturbating does not arouse (no pun intended) so much attention, because it is more accepted that men have sexual feelings.

While not everyone’s sex drive is at the same level, women have sexual feelings, too. Why is it that a man who expresses his sexuality is accepted as normal or even desirable, while a woman who expresses her sexuality is viewed as a “whore” or a “nymphomaniac”?

I think it’s about time that we drop this notion that woman can’t be sexual in a positive way. Allowing yourself to feel and experience your own sexuality can be empowering and liberating, not to mention awesome.

Having orgasms can relieve stress, lessen headaches and just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. In addition, masturbating is also an effective sleep aid. Why should this be something that carries shame?

This is a personal issue that needs to be talked about more. I firmly believe that more people deserve to be able to make themselves feel amazing and not be ashamed of it. Thanks, Sexclamations!

Sara Monk is a sophomore.