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Tyler’s sweet emotion

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by Landon James

Not so sweet emotions are flaring up within Aerosmith as one its members threatens to walk away from the band if certain requests are not met.

Steve Tyler, Aerosmith’s lead singer and frontman, is threatening legal action against his band mates should they choose or attempt to replace his position within the band.

Tyler, who has a well-documented history with alcohol and drug addictions, recently checked himself into a rehab facility in California in December of 2009, to treat his addiction to prescription painkillers.

Aerosmith recently ended a tumultuous and ultimately unsuccessful summer tour that ended abruptly after Tyler fell off stage during a South Dakota show in early August, 2009.  The fall occurred while Tyler was attempting to entertain fans with some flashy dancing after the sound system gave out during a performance of “Love in an Elevator.”

According to Rolling Stone, only minor injuries were sustained, but the fall eventually elicited Tyler checking himself into Dr. Drew Pinsky’s famous Pasadena Recovery Center.

“He doesn’t act like a sober person. And like many other people in this same position, the prospects aren’t good. For most people, full blown recovery is a tough thing to pull off,” Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford told Rolling Stone.

Immediately after Tyler checked himself into rehab, rumors began to surface that the remaining band members would be searching for a suitable replacement while Tyler sorted things out. Tyler made a point to deny any rumors at the time and vowed to remain in the band and in the studio recording. However, recent communications between Tyler’s attorney, Skip Miller, and Aerosmith’s manager, Howard Kaufman suggest otherwise.

In a recent letter from Miller to Kaufman, Miller explained it would not be wise for the band to kick Tyler to the curb so quickly especially after so many years of service.

“Steven is Aerosmith, along with the others. He’s the guy the public knows. He’s the singer,” Miller wrote in his letter.

Miller went on to explain that Tyler has no desire to continue in the direction of a lawsuit if it can be avoided. Miller said that Tyler has every intention and desire to continue touring and releasing new material at the helm of Aerosmith.

However, rumors still abound that the band has approached the likes of Billy Idol, Lenny Kravitz and Paul Rodgers to fill in for Tyler while he fights his addiction, works on his solo project, “Brand Tyler,” and writes a memoir.

Recent sightings of Tyler include a bizarre and impromptu appearance at Tilted Kilt Pub in Palm Spring, California where Tyler willingly participated in karaoke versions of his own Aerosmith songs.  Tyler also made a shocking and surprising appearance at a Rancho Mirage Home Depot in California where he proceeded to serenade unsuspecting shoppers after reportedly taking hits off a helium tank in the store.

Perhaps, these are merely side effects of Tyler’s attempt at sobriety; however, it looks like it will take more than a few public karaoke appearances to resolve the troubles that Tyler and his fellow band mates face in the upcoming months.

Miller requested a Feb. 9 meeting with all five members of Aerosmith to discuss the supposed new singer search and the future of the band in general.

For now, Tyler remains at the front of yet another controversial and bitter argument that has come to define the band’s long history.