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The New Sexclamations: Not a Pleasurable Read for Everyone

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My grandmother is an avid reader of the Bullet.

She reads the online edition every Thursday, looking forward to reading the happenings of her alma mater.

A few weeks ago, however, she received quite a shock when she tuned in.  She saw the first column of the new Sexclamations.

Needless to say, my inbox had an e-mail waiting from her regarding the column.

Her overall opinion was that it was “tasteless” and “some things are best kept under wraps and are more interesting if shared with select folks.”

I can’t say I disagree.

Sex is an incredibly intimate expression of love, and that’s how it should stay.

No one wants to know how many times a day you masturbate, how many people you’ve had sex with or what your favorite positions are.

If you take the passion out of sex and degrade it by putting it in print, it becomes less of an act of love and more like watching promiscuous college students get it on.

I understand “freedom of expression” and that writing about women’s roles in masturbation and pornography might be seen as “empowering”.  However, I don’t think that vulgarity on these topics will bring women any closer to liberation.

Sex is an incredibly relevant topic on college campuses.  But a more pertinent topic, and ultimately more interesting, would be the relational aspect of intimacy, something readers can relate to whether they’re having sex or not.

This column should make the newspaper read all over, not make its readers red all over. The private and intimate nature of sexuality is exploited and ultimately disregarded if the focus rests solely on self-gratification.