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Sushi bistro grabs attention

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Ashley Jacoby/Bullet

Fredericksburg’s first conveyer-belt sushi restaurant, Kappa Garden is entertaining as well as being a wonderful dining experience.
Owned by the same management who run Otani’s Japanese Steak House and Sushi, Kappa Garden has been overwhelmingly successful since opening only a year and a half ago.
The owners wanted to aim for a modern feel by providing fun and unusual presentation of Asian cuisine for Fredericksburg diners. The conveyer belt presentation is actually very common for restaurants in Japan and China.

Being able to see all different types of sushi and pick what you like or what looks the most appetizing is fun, and takes the guesswork out of ordering in an average restaurant setting.
The restaurant is lined with tables on the left and right, with a long table in the center with the conveyer belt. The chefs place different dishes on the belt and they travel to the right and left and back so that everyone has a chance to see the different options, more than once.

So, if you are indecisive, you have multiple chances to pick something delicious.

The prices are another enticing draw for this eatery. The conveyer belt sushi costs by the plate, and each plate has a different color and each color represents a different price.
Prices for the plates range from just $1 to $3.50, much more affordable than many of the other local sushi spots.

And, if you do not find something that you’re in the mood for on the conveyer belt, you can ask the chefs to make something from the menu specially for you.
June Kim and Brendan Jaag are the head chefs and Rebecca Kim is their assistant. They are more than happy to oblige if a guest has a special request or if they do not see what they want.

The food is fresh and very delicious. A favorite of mine is their seaweed salad and their California Roll—which seems like a standard Sushi entrée but their special sauce that they drizzle over it, kicks it up to the next level.

All of their entrees, from the belt or a la carte, come with Miso Soup and a Salad as complimentary appetizers.
On their red plates ($1.00) they also include a fresh fruit dessert at the end of the meal. No one will leave Kappa Garden hungry.

The restaurant is not that far from campus and worth the drive. “We are one of the best in the area,” J.T. Harvey said, one of the servers.