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Top 5 Famous Howies: It's A Bad Name, But These Guys Make It Work

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(Marie Sicola/Bullet)

Not since Howard Hughes has the name “Howard” held that much power and demanded that much respect. However, in the past 10 years, there have been a few highly respected and popular Howards, all who’ve chosen to go by the familar “Howie.” While is sounds like a name better suited for a cartoon baby, the following five men have embraced the name and made it their own.

1. Howie Mandel: Honestly, who can resist a dashing, shaven-headed former stand-up comedian hosting one of the raddest game shows around? Every week, Mandel tears up the airwaves on “Deal or No Deal,” playing with people’s emotions as if they were dice and making the ultra-hot briefcase girls swoon. Mandel is also the genius behind the cartoon classic “Howie’s World.” Mandel doesn’t just stay in the realm of comedy either, the 54 year-old Canadian was also the star of medical drama “St. Elsewhere.” With more than 30 years of experience in television, Mandel is possibly the most influential Howie in the world.

2. Howie Day: Pop crooner Day hails from one of the most rock and roll towns on the East Coast: Philadelphia, PA. Maybe that’s why Day can absolutely bring the jam in almost any situation. Whether it’s shredding out in the open on Ball Circle to dozens of polite fans, or raising a ruckus on an airplane, Day brings the rock and roll wherever he goes. Day, however, isn’t just a bad boy rocker, he has a sensitive side, too. One listen to “Collide,” and women swoon and grown men are pushed to tears.

3. Howie Long: Truly one of the most-talented Howies on our list, Howie Long has been around the block, from the NFL, to acting, to hawking Sprint cell phones alongside silver screen temptress Teri Hatcher, Long has truly done it all. In his latest role as a pitchman for all things General Motors, Long combines the steeliness he learned as a star defensive end for the Oakland Raiders with the nuance he learned from acting in such movies as “3000 Miles to Graceland” to wonderful effect. Though Long is a native of Massachusetts, he now holds residence near Charlottesville, where his son followed in his pop’s illustrious footsteps as a star defensive end at UVA.

4. Howie Dorough: As an original member of the Backstreet Boys, Dorough has been making the ladies weak in the knees since most UMW students were still sporting diapers. Dorough hails from Orlando, Florida, where he learned the magic of show business growing up next to Disney World. Not only is Dorough a veteran pop singer who keeps a cool head when surrounded by thousands of screaming girls, he’s a husband, father and philanthropist. Though you probably haven’t heard Dorough’s latest efforts at ascending the pop charts, trust us, they’re pretty rad. For real.

5. Howard “Howie” Dean: Waaahhoooooo!! Former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Dean made his name national in 2004 when he ran for the presidency of the United States. Though Dean was far too liberal for the tastes of most Americans, he never backed down from his staunch liberal wiener stance, and that takes balls. Howie, we salute you. YeeeHa!