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Boy Meets Girl: Summer's Distance Doesn't Have to Sink Relationships

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It is almost time for summer! It’s the last week of classes and things are all winding down. This week we’re going to review everything we’ve written about this semester because they all apply over the summer too! Time management, meeting new people, finding the one, handling fights, getting back together, long distance relationships, compromising and listening, setting up boundaries, surviving semester crunches, date ideas and how to show that special someone you care.

Summer is still a time where you can refine your time management skills because you’ll likely have to balance a summer job with other activities. It’s good practice for when you’re back in the fall! Luckily you won’t have too many deadlines to worry about, but if you do, keep our tips in mind! Don’t procrastinate. Keep an eye out for classes you might be taking that will require some over the summer work so you won’t be blindsided on day one.

One of the things you’re going to have to balance this summer, just as you would during school, is friends. Summer opens up plenty of new possibilities to get in touch with all sorts of new people. Don’t be afraid to look like an idiot if one of those people happens to be a romantic prospect. Go for it! He or she might be the one.

At the same time, don’t forget about the friends you already have. Just because you might be miles away doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep in touch. The friends you made this year will still be your friends next year if you keep the connection going strong.

That brings us to long distance relationships. Don’t give up! You can keep up what you already started if you both try and want to. It’s difficult, sure, but remember to do things that you both enjoy together, even if you’re miles apart. You can video chat and watch a TV show together and still see each other’s reactions as if you were right next to him or her.

If the two of you do get into a fight, don’t just give up because of the distance. Take the time to realize how difficult your situation is. Then, if you both decide to continue the relationship, make the effort to do so. Being apart doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking about you.

Also, it’s a perfect time to put our tips for showing someone you care into effect! Write that love letter! Send a little thinking of you box! Distance doesn’t have to kill what you have already worked so hard to find and have!

Getting back home and getting back into the swing of a different routine might mean you end up clanging swords with family and friends. Just remember what we taught you and you should be fine. Remember that above all else, remain calm and think it through. No rash decisions. Keep your head!

It’s been an absolute pleasure writing for the Bullet this semester. We don’t know if we’ll be writing again in the fall, so keep in mind all we tried to teach you! Have an awesome summer!