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Sexclamations: A Different Take on Boxers VS Briefs

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While one’s undergarments are primarily a matter of personal preference and choice, skivvies occasionally make an appearance in pop culture and debate.  The debate about what type of underwear is supreme usually centers on males and the infamous “boxers or briefs” question.

The debate all began in 1994 when Laetitia Thompson asked Bill Clinton the same question in a MTV town hall meeting. Since then, People Magazine has informed us that Bill Clinton, John Stewart, Al Roker and Samuel L. Jackson prefer briefs, while Regis Philbin and Conan O’Brien don both boxers and briefs.

I suppose the same inquiry never included women, for the question would be “v-strings, thongs, cheekies, bikinis, briefs, hip-huggers or boy-shorts?” which simply doesn’t have the same succinctness as the male version.

I must add that those categories of panties are in accordance with “Victoria’s Secret Panty Style Guide.” Surely, the types of panty styles are endless!

For males, the boxers or briefs question typically depends on the desired degree of breathing room. Some males find the extra space too liberating while others find briefs to be too constricting.

As I stated before, the matter is one of personal preference; however, the question sometimes becomes what’s sexier- boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs?

“I like boxers because they’re easier to take off,” said sophomore Leslie Boyette.

“Boxers for sure. I just equate briefs with little boys/old men,” senior Cara MacDonald said.

Another sophomore, Teagan Robinson, said “Boxer-briefs because they hug the guy’s butt, and I’m not going to lie, I check boys out. Never briefs though, because briefs are like whitey tighties and if I saw a guy wearing them, the mood would totally be killed.”

“Boxers would have to be my favorite. They’re much more masculine than briefs- I don’t want to see my guy wearing something remotely resembling my own underwear, thank you very much. Plus they’ve got that nifty hole in the front- gotta give’em points for convenience,” said sophomore Britnae Purdy.

“BOXERS, BOXERS, BOXERS. So that you can borrow a pair to wear to bed, if you catch yourself at an unexpected sleepover!” said senior Brianna Mears.

“Gotta say, I prefer boxers or boxer-briefs on guys. Tighty-whities are just a little bit lacking in the attractiveness department, but I’d never begrudge a man who wears them for comfort.” said sophomore Haley Campbell.

Although it seems that UMW women prefer men in boxers, UMW student, Nathan Fantozzi, points out that the type of underwear one chooses is not always about sexiness, rather a man’s choice of underwear is often about practicality.

To illustrate this concept, he says comparing men’s underwear to bras is a good way to understand men’s choice in undergarments. Just as a girl will put on a sport’s bra to secure her bosom during her exercise routine, a guy will wear tighter, Under Armour-like bottoms—such as boxer-briefs, briefs or compression shorts during his work out.

Likewise, a guy may choose to wear boxers in his favorite pattern for a date night, much like a girl would choose a sexy, padded bra for a night out on the town.

For females, the choice of panty is not always simple. We consider everything from how good our panty-lines look, to how it feels during different activities.

Women don’t limit themselves to wearing a certain type of panty all the time, as evidenced by the countless styles, colors and textures of women’s panties.

For this reason, I asked UMW students what style of panty is sexiest on females. What level of exposure makes you all hot and bothered?

“It depends on the girl. Nice buns should have a nice thong or boy shorts, not so nice backsides need bigger panties- no skid marks though. It’s nice to match a bra and panties,” said John Miscioscia, a senior.

“I’m a fan of boy shorts on girls because they’re flattering but not too revealing, so it leaves a lot to the imagination,” said junior Corey Laub.

Clearly, UMW males and females enjoy admiring all kinds of undergarments. Therefore, put on whatever undergarments make you feel most comfortable—or maybe even a little sexy.

Other people may not always see your underwear, but it definitely has the power to make or break a mood. Underwear can do so many different things for the person wearing them.

For instance, wearing lacey, satin underwear with adorable bows makes one feel like a goddess.

Like my roommate, Haley Campbell, once said, “Underwear can be as unique as the person wearing them.”

Have fun with them! Try on different personalities by simply changing your unmentionables. If you’re feeling especially daring, go commando. No one will ever know.