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Letter to the Editor: Please throw your trash away

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Spread out at random intervals across campus are large, cylindrical containers. These are called trashcans and they are for waste materials. This is not new information to you.

So why do some students not understand how to use a trashcan? It’s a simple process and gravity even does most of the work for you. Just hold the trash over a trashcan and drop it in.

Since this process is so simple, why is there trash on the ground around our campus? If you have the mental capacity to gain admission into Mary Washington, then why can you not properly dispose of your trash?

Sitting on the brick patio outside of the Nest I see cigarette butts, food, paper, to go boxes, and five trashcans. Can you see why this aggravates me?

You are at college, and your mother is not here to clean up behind you. Act like an adult and quit littering on campus.

Matt Blair is a senior.