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'Easy A' Gets Full Marks

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“Let’s not and say we did,” goes the motto for the strikingly funny yet promiscuous movie, “Easy A.”

Olive Penderghast, played remarkably well by Emma Stone, was always the “good girl” until she tells a little lie about a fake one night stand that spreads around school.

Stone gave a fantastic performance as Penderghast. Previously cast in supporting roles in other hit movies, Stone has proven that she can take on lead roles and immerse herself in a character.
She knows exactly how to command an audience, keeping the attention of her viewers throughout the entire movie. Stone delivers jokes incredibly well and easily creates hilarious awkwardness with her dry sense of humor.

Amanda Bynes plays Marianne, an irritating, judgmental girl who antagonizes Olive throughout most of the movie. Bynes does a great job creating a character that’s annoying without being frustrating to watch.

Both Stone and Bynes complement each other very well in their roles. Their completely different personalities play off each other amazingly and their dislike for one another is unquestionably clear.

Not only was “Easy A” entertaining, but it actually had some important life lessons, too, ranging from the value of telling the truth, to staying true to yourself, and to keeping your personal life a secret. This wasn’t a movie I expected to have real, applicable lessons in it, so it was really refreshing to see.

Another thing that was quite refreshing was the lack of obscene language. Rarely is there a movie where crude language is absent these days, but “Easy A” still managed to be funny without resorting to foul language incorporated in every line.

Despite all of this, the movie did seem a little bit lengthy for the plot line, which is relatively simple and could have probably been wrapped up in 30 minutes. But as you’d expect, twists and turns complicate things.

“Easy A” was not only entertaining and encompassed life lessons that people should live by, but it was also amusing and very easy-going. Simple fun and escapism propel this movie, and all the laughs really make it shine. It allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. It’s definitely worth seeing.