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Proposed Tuition Hike Well Justified

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Assistant News Editor

In a forum open to the entire student body, President Hurley and Board of Visitor member, Xavier Richardson, addressed the Student Senate to discuss the details of the proposed tuition hikes. Hurley made it a point to address many of the fears and rumors circulating around campus about the impending tuition increase.

While everyone’s gut reaction to a tuition increase is to become disgruntled as they anticipate the hole in their pocket getting deeper, once Hurley presented the numbers, it was hard not to take his side.

Since 2007 the university’s annual operating budget of $90 million, has been slashed by $8 million, a 35% decrease. In order for UMW to break even during the next fiscal year, tuition, fees, room and board has to go up by $1,206 per student, per year.

This is a low-ball estimate, but the highest it would go up would be $2,464 per student per year.

This is a reasonable request for the university to make in the face of a crippling budget deficit. Every other Virginia college, and most colleges nationwide, are facing similar deficits, and it’s to be expected that the students will end up feeling some strain.

While most other schools will probably implement this policy silently, we are very fortunate to have a President who takes the time to address us directly with an honest and transparent approach.