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LETTER: Noise violates sanctity of Trinkle study hall

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Dear Editor,

As a concerned senior, I feel this must be brought to someone’s attention.

Throughout each of my four years here at Mary Washington, the study room in Trinkle Hall has been my peaceful and quiet sanctuary to study and read.  My “fortress of solitude,” if you will.

However, each passing year a group of students, without fail, take it upon themselves to either blast music and movies, scream as loud as humanly possible or stomp their feet for what lasts about an hour, but felt like an eternity.

I am no Scrooge. I am all for being loud and having fun, but when this occurs directly above the holiest-of-holy study realms, in a building that echoes more than the Grand Canyon, I feel the need to bring it up.

For the nay-sayers that think I should go to the library and let them be, they know that the library is full of chatter and distraction. I am not alone in my quest for quiet while studying. So on behalf of all those who use Trinkle in the evenings, I ask you to look into this issue. And to the students referred to in this letter, I ask you to please shut up, or at least turn it down a little.

Brendan Bailey is a senior