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Opposing Viewpoints: Ball’s policies would rattle Washington

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Democratic Congressional candidate, Krystal Ball has taken the burden of running against an incumbent in a conservative district. This is no simple task.

The epicenter of Ball’s economic policy focuses on small business. While reprimanding Washington and Wall Street for the Union’s poor economic state, she claims small businesses can pull the nation from the depths of recession with the government’s help.

She supports tax breaks and government incentives to help small businesses grow and compete in the marketplace.

If elected, Ball intends to “provide a 50 percent cut in pay-roll taxes, for the first two years a small business starts up, to make sure we have a system that encourages investment in our local economy.”

Vital to her plan, she wants to ensure that small businesses have access to expansive credit.

Education reform has been a controversial issue for decades. The reform Ball is calling for includes utilizing technological innovation, accountability and a new system of charter schools.

Although she has not gone into detail about this reform, charter schools generally can apply to primary or secondary education. These schools receive federal money and do not change students who choose to attend.

Those dissatisfied with the public school system in their district can choose to send their children to these schools. Traditionally, state regulations are less ardent with charter schools. However, these schools are expected to live up to a much higher standard.

The Bush tax cuts expire this year. These tax cuts included some of the largest slashes for the higher income brackets in our nation’s history. While cuts for the wealthy will be expiring as well, Ball supports the extension of these cuts for the middle class, especially with the economic hardships many families are facing.

Ball has gained a tremendous support from the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community.

As stated on her website, “she does not believe it is the federal government’s job to discriminate.” She believes that regardless of sexual orientation, those serving in the military deserve equal credit.

She supports the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” and repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

DOMA essentially states that the federal government believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. If one state recognizes homosexual marriages, other states that do not recognize them do not have to acknowledge those couples as being legally married.

Perhaps most admirable of her campaign is her unwillingness to accept corporate political action committee money or funds from National Democratic Leadership.

Ball vehemently opposes a government run for corporate interests, assuming the general population as second priority.

Ball calls for a lifetime ban on former Congress members lobbying, banning lobbyist gifts, and “establish a new Independent Ethics Commission to investigate and audit influence by special interests.”

A passionate politician, Ball’s loyalties to the first congressional district of Virginia, and nowhere else, are unwavering.