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Don’t Bother ‘Going the Distance’ For This Mess

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Don’t go the distance to see “Going the Distance” in Cheap Seats this week unless you want to be unimpressed and waste your money.

“Going the Distance” stars Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, but even though the cast is great, the movie surely falls short. The movie is about a couple who meets in New York City but is then torn apart when one has to move to San Francisco. The couple tries to make their long-distance relationship work but the struggles are immense and sometimes it becomes too difficult to handle, for the both of them.

If there is one good thing about this movie it is that it truly does depict just how difficult a long-distance relationship is but how it could potentially work if both put in the effort. The movie shows how trust and loyalty are vital and without it, a long-distance relationship, for sure, will not work. Barrymore and Long definitely show the viewer just how hard it is to not be with the person you love as much as you would like to be; in this respect the movie didn’t fall short.

As for a criticism, there was way too much raunchiness throughout the entire movie. I expected a little but to see Justin Long’s bare butt and to have to experience these numerous occurrences between the two the entire movie whether on the phone or in person, I was a bit disturbed. The movie seemed to be more about their sexual escapades than anything else.

The end of this movie was a bit cliché as well. At some point in the movie, the couple terminates their relationship and they stop talking to each other completely, having no connection with the other at all. But, in order to have that happy ending, they meet again at a concert, which is planned by Long’s character, and they get back together. Even though it showed that long-distance relationships can work out in the end, it was way too cheesy and expected.

There were a few laughs throughout the supposed to be romantic comedy, but most of those were ruined by the trailer that we all saw before the movie came out. The trailer ruined the potential good parts in the movie and left nothing but vulgar episodes and an ultimately boring storyline for the viewer to experience.

It was quite unfortunate to go to this movie with such high hopes considering the cast, but to leave irritated rather than happy. In that respect, I do not recommend running down to Cheap Seats to see “Going the Distance,” rather spend your dollar on “Eat Pray Love” instead.