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It's Worth the Long Flight to 'Eat Pray Love'

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If you would like to take a journey to Italy, India and Indonesia, this could be your ticket and with it playing in Cheap Seats this week, it will only cost you a buck!

“Eat Pray Love” stars the one and only Julia Roberts, playing a middle-aged woman who is not sufficiently happy in her marriage or life. In hopes of finding something more in her life, she embarks on voyage to Italy, India and Indonesia to find herself. She spends an entire year in these places and meets interesting people, experiences new things and finds herself in a relationship with what she eats along the way.

Julia Roberts does a fantastic job in her role as Elizabeth Gilbert. Roberts has many talents and keeping the viewers attention is definitely one of them, especially in a movie with this length. She has quite the sense of humor which shined immensely through her character which showed that even in depressing situations one should always try to laugh and try to see the positives in life.

If you truly love to travel, the scenery and locations of this movie are breathtaking. I thoroughly enjoyed just observing Italy, India and Indonesia. They are all quite beautiful and all offered something different to the viewer. In Italy the viewer got to see the fascinating Coliseum and other famous landmarks along with the little cobble-stoned streets and friendly atmosphere. In India, it showed a religious way of life and the immense relationship some people have there with who they worship. Lastly, in Indonesia one got to see the wonders of Bali, the relaxing ocean and a unique way of living.

A criticism of the movie would without a doubt have to be the length. Even though Roberts makes up for it and continues to provide the viewer with something new and different, two and a half hours is definitely too long. The movie could have been shortened by cutting out some of the beginning. The movie showed way too much about her divorce and new relationship instead of jumping into her travels, which is ultimately the best part of the movie.

Another criticism of the movie would have to be the way in which Roberts ends up in another relationship with a man she meets in Indonesia in the end. It would have been nice to see Roberts end by herself showing that happiness does not always come from a companion, although it is nice, she could have found an inner peace and love for herself, alone. Roberts went through three different relationships throughout the movie and ending in one was not the way in which I had projected that the movie would end or would have liked to see it end either.

Although there are flaws that I found in the movie, I still recommend seeing it. “Eat Pray Love” provides different outlooks on life and offers much to the viewer. So, take some time and go enjoy!