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LETTER: Administration needs to rethink attitude on commuters missing class for inclimate weather

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Dear Editor,

Perhaps it is time for UMW to reconsider its protocol for making inclement weather decisions. The storm on Wednesday, Jan. 26 came roaring in right about 3 p.m., and UMW did not close until 6 p.m.— no help to the commuting students already in their classes.

I disagree with the administration’s notion, found in “Fatal Car Accidents Prompt Concerns About Snow Policy” that if a commuting student feels it is unsafe to travel that they should simply make arrangements with their instructor.

That is not always possible and leaves the door open to “well, if you don’t make it to class then you just get a zero.” I don’t think professors want to be put in this situation anymore than commuting students.

UMW is primarily a residential institution. However, UMW is changing and the number of commuting students is increasing. Because commuters are a minority, does this mean that our safety (and also that of commuting instructors) is any less important than residential students?

I understand it is a juggling act to find the right balance. If the decision on Jan. 26 is any indication of an improvement—well, this sure wasn’t better.

Kathie Belrose-Ramey