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Candidates Are Lost in Obscurity Despite Change in SGA Leadership

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Staff Writer

Once again, UMW’s SGA elections took place, and once again I didn’t vote.

This isn’t because I’m apolitical, and it isn’t because I don’t care.  During state and federal elections, I go out of my way to learn about the issues and the candidates.  I spend hours watching political news coverage on a variety of networks, and read from differently aligned papers so I will be exposed to as many views as possible.  In the most recent Virginia election, I drove two hours after a long day of classes to arrive at my designated polling station.

Therefore, you may be inclined to forgive me if I express some frustration over the current election process at my own college, or, more accurately, the lack of election process.

I am vaguely aware that at some point during the semester, posters and fliers will suddenly appear on campus, adding flair to Lee Hall or the fence isolating Monroe.  Unfamiliar names beg for my vote, but I can only pass by them with a frown.  After all, how can I feel comfortable electing someone to a position of importance and power if I don’t know whom they are or what they plan to bring to the table?

There seem to be no opportunities to meet candidates, no websites to visit, no informative brochures.  Besides the current passive campaign, I would not even know they went to my college.

These are the reasons I didn’t vote, despite my distaste for abstaining.

I urge future candidates to revolutionize this lackluster system, particularly if they have any interest in pursuing politics beyond UMW’s borders.  I want to get to know you.  I want to vote for you.  Please give me the opportunity to do so.