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Comic Duo Frangela Crack Up Great Hall

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“Every moment is a pop culture moment,” according to the comic duo Frangela.

Frangela, comprised of Francis Callier and Angela V. Shelton, performed to a full house at the Great Hall on Thursday, March 24, as part of the Junior Ring Week celebrations.

The duo, best know for their stint on VH1’s popular entertainment commentary show, “Best Week Ever,” provided commentary on everything from Charlie Sheen to Rebecca Black to topics relevant to the UMW community.

Like many fans, they miss “Best Week Ever!” and were happy to have the opportunity to perform on campus.

“[We] miss having a more regular forum to talk about pop culture, especially when you have Charlie Sheen and other meltdowns,” they said. “[We love to] communicate with people; [to] say whatever everyone else is thinking.”

Frangela not only provided entertaining commentary on pop culture but also on UMW. They commented on the most recent issue of the Bullet and admitted that they loved the newspaper’s recipe for “Omelet Rice,” saying it was perfect because they could make it while hungover. They also made a few references to a piece called “Top 5 Best Places to Get It On at UMW.”

Frangela said that they “prefer college shows over comedy clubs” because the audiences at comedy clubs tend to get wasted and not be good audiences.

“Comedy is very male,” they added, asserting that it is hard for female comedians like themselves to be in a room full of “lots of guys trying to ‘out-guy’ each other.”

They said that their favorite pop culture news right now is Charlie Sheen and if they did not have to perform the night his one-man show opened in Shelton’s hometown of Detroit, they would love to attend.

“[It] is a bad place to open, [but] Detroit does love crazy” they joked, which made it a fitting place for Sheen.

The show ended on a great note, with Callier saying that Shelton had a problem “collecting white girls” and proceeding to single out a white girl in the audience who they thought looked like she was having a bad day. They made her recite “I am a Nubian Queen and I won’t take your shit!” to cheer her up.

Frangela was consistently funny and had the crowd laughing up for their entire set.

[Photo credit: Nancy Belle/Bullet]