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Sexclamations: Sex in College can be a Difficult Decision to Make

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College is a time for making decisions, and the most exciting ones that everyone talks about involve sex.

Choosing whether to have sex or not is kind of like choosing which character to use when playing Super Smash Bros: it’s a major decision that will have long-lasting results. Should you choose poorly, your friends will never let you live it down.

Choosing to have sex or not could mean fighting with Jigglypuff or Captain Falcon.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about why not having sex is just fine. While this is true, it’s only fair that I give the opposition equal time.

Some might argue that the best reason to have sex is the need to be fruitful and multiply, but I think that might be an activity best saved post-graduation. Raising children in a dorm room seems like a terrible idea.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of advantages to sexual activity for couples that are ready. Of these, exercise takes the carnal cake. Getting hot and bothered can burn calories faster than even the most strenuous activities like heavy lifting, and running from angry feminists.

This process of getting into great shape also leads to more attention from the other sex that could possibly lead to more exercise, thus starting another vicious cycle.

It is true that there are drawbacks to sex, such as pregnancy and disease. In reality, this doesn’t seem to faze that many people, for it only gives them an opportunity to solve such problems with colorful solutions like glow-in-the-dark condoms. A true sign of human ingenuity, this solves the dilemma of potential disease or pregnancy while also making the male sexual organs look radioactive.

Other than having glowing body parts, another reason why sex isn’t all that bad is that it can be good for you. From a medical perspective, the release of oxytocin during sex helps people sleep better, relieves stress and reduces pain by releasing endorphins. So next time your partner has a headache, getting the skyrockets in flight for some afternoon delight might be better than taking a Tylenol.

This oxytocin may be a love hormone and a gateway drug, but it’s pretty darn effective. After all, what more do students need during finals week than a way to get in a quick workout that helps relieve stress and promotes sleep?

Regardless of the moral, ethical or medical debates over the issue, sex happens.

While many consider it a necessary evil, it certainly does have its perks, but like alcoholic beverages, it is probably best enjoyed responsibly.

After all, getting onto is not really a benefit from sexual activity.