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Responding to Guys Who Claim “Game”

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DEAR ABI: I met a really cool guy who is fun to hang out with, and he’s very down to earth and sincere. But the other day he mentioned how much “game” he has. I’ve been skeptical of his character ever since.
Gloomy by Game

Dear Gloomy by Game,
Did you ask him which game he was referring to? Because I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all for him to own a board game or two (unless it’s Quelf, and then definitely delete his number and move on).
In fact, I find board games to be a great way to bond with people and have fun on rainy days. Also, if a guy is willing to talk about his board games, then I feel like he’s probably a pretty secure and cool person, since most guys just gloat about their abilities and skills or rock hard abs and how they could get any girl.
But if he isn’t referring to that “game” that involves picking up countless women and never calling them back, well let’s discuss.
Well, yeah, guys like to brag about their awesome “game.” But let’s be honest, the guys who brag about their game don’t have the best. If they did, they wouldn’t talk about it and cause girls to become hesitant to the point of feeling it necessary to write to an advice column.
However, he’s probably just trying to impress you, which is a good thing, seeing as this means he likes you enough to want you to like him. It might be a semi-tooly way of getting your attention, but the intentions were most likely good. Give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he just stepped under a cloud of toolyness. This mindset can, at times, cast their shadows upon anyone. Don’t automatically assume that he just revealed his identity as a jerk-in-disguise. My advice: stick with it for a while longer and tell me how it goes!
But first ask if he likes the game Quelf…
Abi Candler