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Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Those Who Helped 9/11 Memorial

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Dear Editor,

My name is Francisco Hernandez and I organized the 9/11 “Ten Years Later I Still Remember” memorial paintings that were on display in the Eagle’s Nest last week.

Before my project was even under production, I knew my biggest concern regarded submissions. When I presented the idea to my best friend she asked, “Do you think you’ll get responses?”

The question planted itself in my mind throughout the production process. It wasn’t until I collected my display after the first day that my worries dissolved: I had gotten submissions.

Revisiting a time of great tragedy is understandably a difficult, sad and perhaps to some, an unpleasant experience. I would like to sincerely thank each student and faculty member who was kind enough to share his or her experience.

Your stories have received great appreciation and gratitude from various readers.

My goal was to create a simple project that would welcome and unite UMW’s community in a small way. With all of the support I have received from both the university and the City of Fredericksburg, I think it can be considered a success. Thanks to everyone’s united effort.

Francisco Hernandez is a junior.