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Fashion Blogs Are a Resource to Those Seeking Stylish Inspiration

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Fashion blogs are the way to go if you want to inspire yourself to create designer looks using affordable pieces. Not all blogs are created equally, however.

A few personal favorites include “The Clothes Horse” (, the stream-of-consciousness fashion diary of twenty-four year old Virginia local, Rebecca. Her sometimes quirky, always hipster sense of style is communicated through her photo shoots. These are complemented by drawings and other pop culture elements that inspire her. A recent post featuring an early sixties inspired, cornflower-blue winter coat was perfectly accented with still-shots from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

Another perceptive site, “What I Wore” ( is the personal style blog of Jessica Quirk, who posts a new outfit every day, usually from affordable retail stores such as J. Crew and Target, in addition to vintage pieces. Her looks are usually classic, with a nod to the forties. In a recent post, she wears a charming silk tie-neck blouse and high-wasted grey skirt, accented by a canary-yellow belt.

Another noteworthy site is “A Sea of Shoes” ( Jane Aldridge posts her own fashion looks in addition to those of the people who inspire her, from screen-siren Brigitte Bardot to punk icon Blondie.

Aldridge’s artful photo shoots use block color and statement pieces, creating a resonant collection of looks. In a recent post, Aldridge is wearing a yellow, tartan mini and a navy and white striped boat neck sweater, creating a mash-up of eclectic pieces. The site validates the idea that individuality in fashion is all about contrast, pairing classic and eccentric pieces to create a look that is all your own.

This week’s profile Juliet Taylor, an avid follower of “A Sea of Shoes”, encompasses this idea to a tee.

When asked to describe her look, she said “Today it’s a little cross between hipster and preppy.”

Taylor, a senior psychology major who hails from Boston, makes a statement by wearing a printed shirt dress from H & M. She pairs the structured dress with quirky gray knee socks and chestnut slouch boots, both from Target. Her leather hobo purse is from Urban Outfitters.

“It’s a classic silhouette with the collar and the buttons down dress but you’ve got the socks and the pattern’s really fun.”

On the subject of her personal style, Taylor said “I like to play around with it a lot. I could be completely preppy one day and the next day be completely on the other side of the spectrum. I usually generate my outfits around like one piece of clothing and then I find what works with that.”

Her style inspirations include Anna Della Russo, editor-in-chief of Vogue, Japan, known for her bold fashion choices.

“I see her street wear all the time, it’s really awesome. I wish I could pull off her look.” She also credits Audrey Hepburn with some of her choices.

“I know this is such a cliché answer but, boat necks, simple lines, simple silhouettes, it works for everyone.”

Taylor’s look is proof that creativity is all it really takes to have great style.

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