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Letter to the Editor: Defending The Right To Choose

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Dear Editor,

The women of Virginia are facing a war on their reproductive health and their human rights. Recently, legislation was passed and put into law that requires health centers and medical practices that provide reproductive services, including abortion, to follow very specific regulations.

These regulations are not founded in medicine, but rather in politics. They were designed to shut down a number of clinics across the Commonwealth, and, if accepted by Gov. Bob McDonnell, they will do just that.

In response to these regulations, a rally is planned for Oct. 15, 2011 in Richmond. It is expected that over 1,000 protesters and activists will come out to urge Gov. McDonnell to reject these regulations and save clinics all over Virginia.

In addition to this rally, VOX, a women’s rights club, and Feminists United on Campus are planning to hold a forum to discuss the regulations, the evidence on which they are based, and how they came to be.

I hope that after seeing the tremendous response from the public in opposition to these regulations, Gov. McDonnell will be guided by reason and what’s in the best interest of women in the Commonwealth. I hope that the governor will reject these regulations.

Taylor Brannan is a junior.