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Campus Catwalk: Formal Wear at On-Campus Events

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Sept. 30, 2011 was a night of elegance. It seems like just yesterday that our very own President Rick Hurley was inaugurated as our ninth president to serve at the university. UMW students, community members and the family and friends of President Hurley graced the Anderson Center in their best attire. Ladies pulled out old prom dresses and gentleman knotted the tie to celebrate in this marvelous occasion. Little to say, most were dressed to impress.

One dress that seemed to have a statement was worn by junior political science major Kellan Latif. This black asymmetrical dress stood out from the rest. Form fitted and accented on the side with a beaded piece, the dress laid floor length, matching the elegance and grace of the night. The dress was draped in the front and had a small yet distinct train in the back which complimented her tall, slender statue.

“I bought my dress from that formal dress shop in Spotsylvania mall, I wanted something elegant. When I heard that it was an inaugural ball I thought let me get all Cinderella dressed up,” said Latif.

One comment that I heard many students make prior to attending the affair was that they did not know what to wear. With the event being held in our new sports center complex expectations were high.

“I expected a lot of people to wear prom dresses, this would be a great excuse to pull them out and reuse it – I would have reused mine but my dresses are packed away in boxes in New Jersey!” Latif explained.

One question Latif pondered over was whether to go with a dress that evoked homecoming or prom, homecoming evoking a more fun, flirty, usually shorter dress, while the traditional prom dress tends to be longer and have a more sophisticated look.

“When I heard that a lot of alumni were coming, I knew that I needed a ball gown,” said Latif.

So, she went with the “prom” look. Latif was accompanied by her date for the night, junior political science major Jeremy Thompson who complimented her attire in a formal black suit and navy blue tie. Together they graced the evening of laughing, dancing, great food and great fashion.

Image courtesy of Jamia Jordan/The Bullet