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Kreayshawn, Neon Indian Have Halloween at UMW

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Halloween just got a whole lot more hipster for the Mary Washington community.

On Friday, Oct. 21st, Giant Productions announced that breakout artists Neon Indian and Kreayshawn will be performing an exclusive show for UMW students on Halloween evening in the Great Hall.

The announcement has been received in one of two ways: either students are absolutely ecstatic, or incredibly confused, asking “Who are these people?”

Kreayshawn is the white-girl rapper that most people may be familiar with because of the music video for her song, “Gucci Gucci,” which went viral receiving millions of views online. Most of her songs feature catchy choruses that are easy to chant along to.

Neon Indian, a band characterized as a more chillwave-synthesized pop project composed by Alan Palamo, is easily just as popular. Pitchfork Media describes Neon Indian as performing a “rocking, party-ready live show” that rivals “populist acts like Passion Pit and MGMT.” The band gained significant recognition after its 2009 debut album, “Psychic Chasms,” and received positive reviews for their sophomore release this September, “Era Extraña.”

Both artists are part of the Noisy College Tour sponsored by Dell and Intel performing at colleges around the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. While the Halloween show was not originally planned, the tour date for Smith College in Massachusetts fell through and allowed Giant Productions to seize the opportunity.

“We were lucky enough to pick up the show at an amazing price,” said Justin Thompson, president of Giant Productions.

Mary Washington is one of 10 colleges on the tour, along with Hofstra, Syracuse, and Iowa State. The show will definitely provide a one-of-a-kind, memorable evening.