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Men's Basketball Tops Frostburg State

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As the men’s basketball team took the court on Saturday afternoon, they were greeted by a gym full of students wearing white.

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As the men’s basketball team took the court on Saturday afternoon, they were greeted by a gym full of students wearing white. The Eagles were set to tip off against conference rivals Frostburg State University and improve their conference record to 2 and 0. Coming off of a win against Stevenson the previous Wednesday, Mary Washington looked to continue their five-game win streak.

The two teams began the game by trading baskets and although the score was even through the first 10 minutes, Mary Washington appeared to be the dominant team. They were faster and seemed more ready to play from tip off, however they struggled to make their shots in the beginning, making the game appear closer than it was.

Despite their relatively slow start towards the end of the first half, the Eagles were able to find their groove and the shots started falling.

At halftime the score line read Eagles 34, Bobcats 19, and the game appeared to be heavily in favor of the home team.

As the second half began the Eagles kept shooting well, however Frostburg made a valiant attempt to try and get back into the game.

With just 40 seconds left, Frostburg was able to cut the lead to four points only, and the game looked in danger of going into overtime.

Following the Frostburg three-pointer, sophomore point guard Walt Smith was able to find fellow sophomore E.J. Wallis for a game-sealing dunk that really got the crowd involved. Willis was the high scorer for the Eagles, finishing with a total of 20 points including his game-ending dunk.

Senior Henry Brisibe, who finished the game with nine points and a team high twelve rebounds, commented following the game, “Frostburg is a good team but we fought hard all forty minutes and were able to keep our streak alive. Right now after winning six straight we feel like there is no team that can beat us.

Our team chemistry is as good as it’s been in a long time. We all work well together and are really playing well as a team. The fan support has been great at home and that is always good to see and be a part of. I feel like the student body is really getting behind us so we’re going to keep trying to show our appreciation by getting wins.”

Senior shooting guard Ryan Farrar, who was unfortunately sidelined due to a hand injury, said about the game, “It’s always difficult when you have to sit on the sideline and can’t play, but I’m incredibly proud of my team for getting the win without me. They really played well and despite a slow start they never lost hope and fought well the entire game. As much as I hate not playing it is good to know that the team can play well with or without me.”

The Eagles fought off a strong Frostburg team to improve their overall record to 6 and 1 and their conference record to 2-0.

They have currently won six games straight and have started to receive votes for the NCAA top 25 teams in division three nationally.

They faced off against Newport News Apprentice on Dec. 6 where they fell 76-74 to end their streak. The Eagles take on conference rival Marymount tomorrow in Arlington.

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