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Letter From The Editor: Response to Online Commentary

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We would like to address some of the previous comments on the Bullet website, particularly those in our Viewpoints section last semester.

At the Bullet, we love to spark conversation. We love when we are able to report the news that professors spend the first half of class talking about. Whether the comments are good or bad, we love to see that people are taking in interest in what we publish.

However, we would like to point out that the articles found in our Viewpoints section are just that: opinions. The door to our Viewpoints section is always open for anyone to send letters to the editor or submit editorials. We love the ability to produce a diverse section each week, and the only way we can do that is for you to send us material.

Secondly, while the Bullet is responsible for the publishing of these articles, this does not mean that the opinions or ideas expressed in the article are those of the Bullet or its editors; they are those of the writer. While we may share similar beliefs sometimes, this does not effect what we choose to publish or not.

Also, please keep in mind (as we have pointed out before), that the turnover rate for our newspaper is extremely high. We’re only here for four years, we study abroad and we have internships. As such, every semester brings a new editorial board. So please don’t hold grudges against the Bullet staff from five years ago.

Please remember that we are your classmates, your students and your dorm neighbors from freshman year. We try our hardest to produce reliable news coverage on campus. If there’s something you want to see us improve upon, please tell us.

We want to hear from you so please send us your opinions.