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Letter to the Editor: Successes On Campus Speak Well For School

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We have the opportunity to start doing something awesome.

A few months ago the theater department put on “Rent,” and showed what 17 students at the University of Mary Washington could do when they put their minds together. In December, the Care to Share dinner helped feed hundreds of needy families in the local Fredericksburg Community. Throughout the year, Community Outreach and Resources (COAR) donated tons of community service hours to the local community. A committee of 12 people helped plan and create a spectacular Film & Arts Festival that filled an entire auditorium and showcased student talent and film. Even better, our women’s basketball team has managed to keep a perfect season going even further, placing women’s basketball firmly on the radar in Division III.

I think we can keep this success going.

The University of Mary Washington has been going through major changes over the past few years, and with new students being admitted every week; it is critical that we all work together to achieve our common goals and support one another along the way. Our girls basketball team could not accomplished anything working as individuals. They’ve had to work together to win, and they’ve needed us to support them. Every time they make a shot or defeat the opposing team we’ve cheered them on and pushed them to do better and to represent our school with pride. They deserve our support, and we need to continue pushing them forward.

A month ago, the freshmen class started a campaign against cyber-bullying and stood up for what they thought was right. Discussion after discussion, they’ve accomplished their goal of Twitter and Facebook responsibility and awareness. Afterwards, the SGA started their week long #LOVE campaign, encouraging polite discourse on the Internet. The Washington Guides continued reaching out to new students this year by connecting them the moment they’re accepted into UMW. They’ve helped expand the UMW Community outward by using technology and working as a solid team.

There is a trend here. Everything we do at UMW takes people dedicated to the cause and willing to work hard to meet their goals. We have to be willing to give up time and energy to work together for our common goal. If we want Sunny Delight in Seaco, we make that happen by working together. If we want Zip-Cars on campus or to completely eradicate cancer, then we’ll have to continue working together. We’ve got to remember that students are the most important part of this university, and without us, nothing is possible. I believe in Mary Washington, and I believe that by working together, anything is possible. We’ve proven it so far; let’s continue that progress.
Jeremy Thopmson is a junior.