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Social Issues Should Not be on the Forefront of the Presidential Debate

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One of the many issues with our current political system is the use of social issues as political tools. These issues simply should not be the centerpiece of an election when there are far more severe problems facing the U.S. If social issues were given a little bit less emphasis, I believe that politics and our elections would run more smoothly.

Many political ads use social issues to provoke fear in the viewer. A wise politician would be willing to give his view on topical social issues, but promise during their campaign they would not attempt to change current arrangements in regards to issues such as the legalization of gay marriage or funding of Planned Parenthood, two major topics of interest in our current election.

Of course, it is almost impossible to trust government leaders these days. I think it would be easier for voters to view their candidates in a more objective way if they look at how the candidates will actually manage the country.

If you vote based on a candidate’s opinion on social issues, you could also be voting for someone who is going to ruin the country at the same time. What does a candidate’s stance on gay marriage or abortion really have to do with how effective they are going to be in the White House? It shouldn’t have any effect.

Unfortunately, politicians rarely plan to do nothing when it comes to addressing social issues. Making laws about such things is really quite a waste of time when there are more severe problems facing the U.S. I don’t mean to downplay these issues, and I believe that they are important, but I don’t think many people would say that they take priority over foreign policy or the state of the economy. I do believe that some voters try to put these issues aside when they vote, but I also think that a lot of people latch onto social issues because they are much easier to understand than more complex issues, such as the economy.

I will also concede, that as a white, heterosexual male, I’m not terribly affected by social issues. It just seems to me that these issues can serve to confuse and mislead people and are only a distraction when compared to other, more pressing, problems.

I don’t think politicians should work on any legislation that has to do with social issues at the moment given, the current condition of our country. It would make more sense to focus on the economic and foreign policy issues our country is facing.