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T.G.I.F. Yoga Relaxes and Inspires

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Yoga pants can be used for more than lazy days. Believe it or not, yoga pants work great for doing yoga. Who would have thought that these pants would be so fitting for the purpose they were intended for?
It is actually a little depressing to think that I’ve been keeping all of my pairs from their true purpose for so long. Thank goodness I came across T.G.I.F Yoga, which is held every Friday at 5:15 p.m. in the dance studios in Goolrick Hall.
People are usually in one of two moods on Friday afternoons: completely beat from the school week or super pumped for the weekend.
Yoga on a Friday compliments both of these moods. If you’re beat, it can help you unwind and release tension. If you’re ready to get a little crazy, yoga can put you in a good mindset so that you can enjoy your evening to the fullest.
Even better, yoga allows you to stretch parts of your body that are usually overlooked, and it also helps tone your muscles, keeping you healthy and fit.
When I first got to yoga, I grabbed a mat and took off my shoes. Debbie Bennet, the instructor, who had an exceptionally soothing voice, turned off the lights and told everyone to lie down. She then walked the class through releasing all negative thoughts and emotions.
After everyone was calm, and a serene mood was set, Bennet guided the class through different poses. They started off on the easier side and then became more challenging, but not too challenging. This isn’t an advanced class and, therefore, is suitable for people with or without prior yoga experience.
The lesson ended with some advice from Bennet that left me with a cleansed and peaceful outlook on life. By starting my weekend on a good note, it made it that much better.
I will continue to wear my yoga pants for activities other than yoga, but I won’t make the mistake of keeping them from their designated use.