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Construction on campus continues to disrupt student life

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Here at the University of Mary Washington, we are no strangers to construction. Every student that graduated watched some sort of large construction project unfold on campus.



The Class of 2014 in particular endured the greatest amount of hardship as a result of these various projects over the past four years.

During their freshman year, there were three active construction projects: the renovation of Mason and Randolph Halls, the renovation of Monroe Hall and the construction of the Anderson Center.

However, despite not having access to the luxurious classroom facilities of Monroe or the shiny multipurpose functionality of the Anderson Center, they were the last freshman to enjoy the once infamous taco bar at the Nest.

Sophomore year was the year of the least construction.

The biggest changes they saw that year were in the dining facilities.

The Underground welcomed Woodstock and the Nest was completely revamped to include Vocelli’s Pizza, WoW Wingery, and Joe Stacks. Although students received better dining options, Joe Stacks and the Underground were extremely inefficient, with long lines comparable to those at Disney World.

The next year, Randolph and Mason were finally complete. While this came as a blessing, it was short lived.

By the end of the first semester, construction began on the mysterious Convergence Center. This construction effectively blocked off direct access through the library tunnel. Students who have to get to the north side of campus now walk around the library and through a narrow covered sidewalk. To say that this was a major inconvenience would be an understatement.

As that school year came to a close, the Class of 2014 has said goodbye to a very dear friend; Chandler Hall.

The construction did not stop there as the Nest changed again, though continuing their trend of inefficiency. Ball Circle is now at less than 75 percent operating capacity, and the Convergence Center has yet to be finished.

The construction for the Student Center has made parking a nightmare, and walking on parts of College Avenue can be tricky.

Enough cannot be said about the level of inconvenience the Great Hall has caused.

Many senior events historically hosted at the venue were displaced to other locations. Senior Countdown will now be held in Seacobeck Hall, and Grad Ball will now be hosted in the Anderson Center.

Now with the school year coming to a close, the question that arises is how all of this construction will affect the quality of the upcoming graduation events.

The commencement ceremony this year will feature an oversized jungle gym as a backdrop. Grad Ball could have a basketball component to it.

For the Class of 2014, graduation will without a doubt be a very memorable experience.