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New year, new paper: The Blue and Gray Press enhances print and online editions

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As the school year kicks off, exciting things are happening. Classes begin, clubs meet, and the newspaper stands across campus are filled with fresh stacks of the Blue and Gray Press. A new year is also time for big changes, and going forward the old familiar paper will be sporting a new look.

This week marks the first issue of our new eight-page paper. Previously, the print edition was 12 pages. Last year, the editorial staff decided to reduce the number of pages in a continued effort to publish only high-quality content that is important to students. We believe this step, along with redesigning the appearance in the coming weeks, will increase competition for print publication and the overall quality of the paper.

In addition to the print, our online edition at is also getting a makeover. Be on the lookout for both a new user-friendly design and new content to be published throughout the semester. We are especially excited about the inclusion of breaking news stories, podcasts and videos.

With all of these new developments designed to better serve the UMW community, we are cognizant of the fact that the best student newspapers are a community effort. We always welcome contributions and feedback, and would love to expand our creative content beyond the minds of our editors and regular staff writers. Any student can contribute to the paper, regardless of status within the Blue and Gray Press club or practicum class. Additionally, we are eager to collaborate with other clubs on campus to help get the word out about interesting events or accomplishments. Feel free to contact us via email or social media.