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Staff Ed: Happy April Fools

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Happy April Fools week! We hope everyone enjoyed this year’s April Fools edition of the Blue & Gray. While it’s important to take COVID-19 seriously, it is also important to maintain joy and humor in our lives. In keeping with our beloved tradition here at UMW, this issue includes silly and satirical stories that we hope will lift your spirits. 

All around the world people are joining together, from six or more feet apart, to bring light to each other’s lives. In Italy, people are posting videos leaning out their apartment windows, singing and playing instruments to uplifting songs with their neighbors. In China and elsewhere, like the U.S., people are posting videos of themselves running entire marathons in quarantine to remind us to stay healthy and dig into our passions when we feel low. Celebrities all over the globe have been doing their part to quarantine while they cheer on workers in the medical community and post funny videos. Even just this week John Krasinski has started a show on YouTube he calls “Some Good News” in which he is sharing positive stories that are being sent to him “to remember that no matter how tough life can get, there is always good in the world.”

Here at UMW, students are uplifting each other by posting memes in the “The M in UMW Stands for Memes” Facebook page and reaching out to friends to spend time in virtual hangouts. Professors have joined in as well by opening Canvas discussion boards and hosting Zoom calls specifically for the purpose of giving themselves and students a space to vent their frustrations and share hope (and of course memes) with each other. While we may not be together in person, our community truly is stronger than ever. 

It’s easy, especially while we’re all practicing social distancing and quarantine, to get engulfed by the news. In this time, be careful what news sources you are paying attention to and for how long. Staying informed by credible sources is crucial, but feeling hopeless doesn’t have to be. 

As we continue into uncertain times as a paper, and as one of your sources for news, we’d love to hear from you. We value the community here, no matter where you are now, and hope to ensure both our more serious news coverage and light-hearted stories honor this experience we share. Feel free to email us at or via our “Contact the Editors” section on the website with your suggestions and input. 

Stay safe; each day is still a great day to be an eagle.