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Staff Editorial: The Weekly Ringer becomes The Weekly Wronger

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staff editorial

Staff editorial celebrates April Fool's day. | The Weekly Ringer


Happy almost April Fool’s Day, Eagles! As it has been a time-honored tradition of the UMW campus newspaper, we hope you enjoy our April Fool’s edition this year. Under a temporary name, The Weekly Wronger, our editorial staff has written silly, satirical articles, drawn from our shared experiences at the U of MW—that “of” was too expensive for us not to mention it—and beyond.

This year, we bring you articles on the infamous ChatGPT, written by none other than ChatGPT itself; our love for Pedro Pascal; the secret, scary wonders of our editing space, the mansion; and the Top of the CRUC’s delicious meals, crafted by new Executive Chef David Roeder—or possibly a tiny chef in his hat. And some good news for all the writers out there: ChatGPT hasn’t quite mastered AP style—it loves the Oxford comma.

While we still have real articles for you this week, the April Fool’s edition allows us to break from the serious, heavy news we often cover in The Weekly Ringer, and we look forward to the reprieve that writing satire offers each year. As we poke fun at the silly, frustrating and challenging aspects of our lives, we hope you take this opportunity to laugh with us, as well as with the people reading next to you at this lovely liberal arts college. Happy April Fool’s!

This staff editorial was led by Jess Kirby.