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Staff Ed: The Weekly Ringer welcomes new editorial staff

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Editor In Chief

As the end of the semester approaches, so does the end of our 2022–2023 editorial staff’s time with The Weekly Ringer. This year, we moved locations, finding a new home in the mansion on the corner of College Avenue and William Street, and we left our beloved Clubhouse, which proved to be a welcome change. Over these past 24 issues, it’s been a fantastic year for our publication, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our articles.

Per our longstanding newspaper tradition, the last issue of every year is entirely produced by our new editorial staff with guidance from our previous editors. As we ring in this new era of editors, we sadly bid our graduating editors adieu, and we welcome our new editors with open arms. 

So, join us in congratulating our graduating editors! 

Editor-in-Chief: Jess Kirby

Associate Editor: Josephine Johnson

Business Editor: Erin Matuczinski

Life Editor: Josephine Good

Sports Editor: Emily Hemphill

Copy Editor: Grace Schumacher

And as we say goodbye to our graduating editors, we welcome our 2023–2024 editorial staff:

Editor-in-Chief: Norah Walsh

Associate Editors: Callie Harkins and Emma Brennan

News Editor: Ky Huynh

Life Editor: Charlie Li

Opinion Editor: Margaret Jackson

Sports Editor: Nick Werderman

Online Editor: Davy Washington

Photography editor: Abbey Magnet

Art Editor: Nellie Bittenbender

This staff editorial was led by Norah Walsh.