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Restaurant Review: Rebellion Bourbon Bar & Kitchen 

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A streetside view of Rebellion, a new restaurant in the downtown Fredericksburg area.

Rebellion actively hosts events and posts updates on their Instagram @eatrebellion.fxbg.


Staff Writer

Downtown Fredericksburg is home to a rich and exciting restaurant scene, and as someone who lives in the downtown area, seeing all of these unique and nuanced eateries so close to campus incentivized me to try out Rebellion Bourbon Bar and Kitchen, which is located at 309 William St. in Fredericksburg, Va. 

Rebellion is a bar and restaurant with two locations in Virginia. The Fredericksburg branch opened in Nov. 2020, and the second location opened in Leesburg in July 2022, according to posts from their respective Instagram accounts. Both are placed in historic downtown areas of their respective cities, which aligns with their general aesthetic of rustic and traditional food, creating a gastropub-like atmosphere. 

The walk from campus to Rebellion is only about 15–20 minutes, and it takes you right through the historic downtown district with lots of sights to see. When I arrived, it was not too busy, and the atmosphere of the main room was cozy; a fireplace roared just 10 feet away from where I was seated. 

Their brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m.–2 p.m. offers a comfortable, warm and filling selection to choose from. A more hearty brunch is the chicken and waffles, which is topped with spicy bourbon maple syrup and whipped butter. But, if you’re not looking to get too full, then the avocado toast with an egg omelet, ham, bacon bits, chives and pickled onion on sourdough bread is sure to satisfy. 

Their main menu has multiple sections, with the main section focusing on handhelds. Custom burgers, seafood and deluxe chicken and pork sandwiches facilitate a difficult decision to make, but no matter what you get, the distinct styles, sides and toppings provide a refreshing amount of variety to choose from. 

After browsing through the menu’s options, I decided on a cheese spread, a small strawberry mocktail and a Cuban sandwich.  

The price point for the items was not too extreme for a business downtown, but it was certainly not cheap, as most of the items offered on the menu are made with premium and artisanal goods sourced from the local area.  

The mocktail, which was made with strawberries, was good and reasonably priced. I could really taste the fruit puree in it, and although the serving size was small, I felt it was appropriately portioned due to how concentrated the drink was. 

I would absolutely recommend the cheese spread, which was a refreshing take on a charcuterie board served with soft cheese and pickled onions and cucumbers. Additionally, several slices of grilled sourdough accompanied the dish, allowing me the opportunity to make small, open-faced sandwiches with everything available on the plate. There was also an option to get the cheese spread with smoked sausage for an upcharge, but I found the regularly priced selection without it to be enjoyable. 

The Cuban sandwich was also fantastic, and the preparation for the dish really stood out. The pork was pork belly confit, which added an intense richness to the flavor from the fat it was sauteed in. The sandwich also came with a choice of side, so I decided on the tater tots, and—to my surprise—the ranch seasoning on them was delectable and perfectly balanced the starchy texture of the potato with the light zest from the seasoning.  

Everything included, the serving size for the sandwich was quite a bit, so I ended up having to take a box home with me. The entire meal cost around $30, and considering the amount of food I ordered, I felt it was fairly priced. 

Rebellion Bourbon Bar and Kitchen is a great place for someone on campus who is looking for a great sandwich or burger and a cozy, rustic atmosphere to eat in. Though I did not go with a group of people, the atmosphere of the main dining room had a great energy for a night out with friends.