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Photo essay: Creating your own dishes from places in the UC

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The final product results in a plate of loaded nachos all made from the station, Serrano. Jenny Thompson / The Blue & Gray Press


Staff Photographer

As the school year progresses, students may find themselves falling victim to the cyclical patterns of food the UC serves. Instead of accepting this trend for what it is, some students choose to spice up their everyday meals.  By choosing creativity and utilizing the food provided from each station, one can find that it isn’t too tricky to craft meals that better satisfy you and your needs. 

When creating these hodge-podge meals myself, I found it entertaining to see how I could effectively manipulate what the UC was serving over the course of those days. Personally, this experience seemed to open a door of possibility for when I come to dine in the cafeteria and nothing seems particularly appetizing. Although it can be a hassle, and admittedly time-consuming, by only taking certain items from multiple places around the UC I seemed to ultimately appreciate the meal more.  

This dish is created with a base of chips and nacho cheese, topped with sour cream, cheese, chicken, tomatoes, corn and jalapenos. Unlike other stations at the UC, Serrano provides the same options every day, so this dish could be very useful in bringing versatility to the station.
Jenny Thompson / The Blue & Gray Press
Completed breakfast sandwich incorporating previous ingredients.            
Jenny Thompson / The Blue & Gray Press
Collection of a toasted plain bagel and an omelette, paired with hash browns and two sausage patties
Jenny Thompson / The Blue & Gray Press
When assembled, this merges into the fan favorite dish: chicken and waffles.            
Jenny Thompson / The Blue & Gray Press
Here I adapted a chicken patty found from the Campus Grill to be paired with a self-made waffle
Jenny Thompson / The Blue & Gray Press

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